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Large Water Bowls

large planter bowlsBuild your outdoor oasis’s around these great centerpieces. Start today!
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White Oval Planters

white oval plantersEmphasize your point of view when it comes to modern gardening.
Amazing Value. BUY NOW »

Fiberglass Cranes

The cranes shape, movement and character are perfectly captured.
Unique Design. BUY NOW »

Window Box Planters

Window Box PlantersThe banded design of each planter has made this collection a best seller.
Signature Design. BUY NOW »

Terracotta Moss Planters

“Hand Thrown”, infused with moss and left to dry and bake in the sun.
Starting @ $14.00 BUY NOW »

Black Tulip Planter

You’ll just love the lines this planter has against any background.
Large & Affordable. BUY NOW »

The most stylish planters around, clean lines, beautiful details, making every planter different and unique.

Whether you are looking for outdoor containers to showcase a few flower arrangements on a small deck of your home or looking to incorporate major style and versatility into your garden – our outdoor fiberglass pots are the perfect match for you and your homes décor. Not only are our pots light, because of their 100% fiberglass construction, but they are durable all weather vessels for your plantings year round. No need to take them inside.

Why are most of our pots and planters fiberglass?

The reasons are centered around the benefits fiberglass and resin construction give to our outdoor planters and indoor planters.

Every pot & planter is handmade.

Quality craftsmanship with each fiberglass piece.

All of our planters begin with a sketch and an idea from our very own design team. That’s right – we create, fabricate, and bring to life each and every planter that we sell. Making these indoor and outdoor planters from scratch is what makes us different and unique from other home and garden stores, which generally source out all their planters, pots, and outdoor decor.

Design Tips & Tricks


Let’s refresh your space today!

Thinking about Spring redecorating? You should be….Let us help and take advantage of our in-house design staff, ready to help you “Spruce Up Your Space” with new furniture and décor at a moment’s notice. Click here for more tips and tricks to help get you started.

See the Process, See the Value

How we make our fiberglass pots

Our planter collection is a special part of Spruce Home & Garden. We believe that a planter is much more than a place for soil and flowers. They serve as natural focal points and they are bite-sized gardening at its best. Whether you are looking for a place to showcase a few flower arrangements on a small deck or looking to incorporate major style and versatility into your garden (Continues…)

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